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Appointment Scheduling

Using our live receptionist service you will come to know that they act just as any front-desk receptionist at any company. Which comprises taking mo essages, transferring calls and, of course, scheduling appointments?

At Local hosted no we make it easy and simple. Tell us what days and times you are available, and we will schedule an appointment on your account. And for an additional dollar a day you can use our online appointment scheduling software, which is used to handle all of your appointment requirements.

Appointment scheduling is just one way in which our virtual receptionist can help your clients and business. We can also:

  • Take messages - We inform the callers that you are not available, but you will get back to them soon. Our receptionists gather information such as the callers' name, number, and best time to get to them.
  • Transfer calls - Now you have the option to provide the caller to talk to you straight, we can transfer the call. Both warm and cold transfers are performed.
  • Order entry - You can order our receptionist over the phone. Your website has a simple ordering process then we can link directly to it for faster and easier order fulfillment.

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