Friendly Customer Service

Hosted IVR

Voice Recognition and Text-To-Speech Functions

Local Hosted Numbers technology distinguishes callers' voices and also gives the option of voice response or key presses for faster data collection.

Database Access

Your Callers get real-time information when Local Hosted No bonds with your databases.

Multiple Language Options

With multiple languages feature you attract a broad range of consumers: set prompts and questions in your language of choice.

Detailed Reporting

Tailor made reports are available to show number of calls acknowledged, length of calls and options chosen.

Fax on Demand

You get fax stored documents. No need of a fax machine - manage all fax interactions with your Local Hosted Nunbers IVR System.

Telephony-based Locator Services

Clients can find the nearest office to a zip code.

Voice Broadcasting

Now send outbound voice broadcasts for emergencies, reminders, appointments and various updates.

Local Hosted Numbers Receptionist

Make Local Hosted No excellent customer service part of your IVR: our Live Receptionist call center is combined with our IVR.

Hosted Solutions - Save time, money, and evade problems.

  • Quick performance
  • Elastic architecture develops with varying requirements
  • No drain on internal supplies and infrastructure
  • No term promises
  • No big upfront principal investment
  • Eradicates stranded investments in hardware/software
  • Elastic pay-per-use fee structure

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