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As an overview, Local Hosted Numbers provides every service you might need for web and internet marketing. We are a full-service company, meaning that we can handle every aspect of your online presence from website design to internet marketing. We know how to take your products and services to the web and get them noticed; the end goal is to generate targeted traffic, leads and sales for your company.

All Services Include

  • 24/7 Friendly Customer Support
  • Local or Toll Free Number
  • Excellent Reporting Package
  • Online Management
  • Scalable & Reliable Technology
  • No Contract Commitment

Website Design & Development

A brilliantly designed website thatís intuitive and easy to navigate inspires consumer confidence and trust. Studies show that poorly designed sites actually drive away customers, while well-designed sites consistently draw higher page views and sales. Often, your website is the first impression a potential consumer will have of your company, products and services.

It is crucial, then, to make the best impression possible, and to quickly point the consumer in the right direction, sending him or her to the page with the information they need. Thatís why we collaborate with our clients through every step of the design and development process; we want to know your business inside and out in order to present your web presence with integrity and conviction.

Feel free to ask about our web design and development options. From static websites, flash websites, Content Management Systems, to online stores, social networks and more Ė Local Hosted Numbers does it all.

  • Website Development
  • Graphic design
  • Web page design
  • Website promotion
  • Custom programming
  • Domain hosting

Software Consultancy

There are thousands of internet marketing consultancy firms to choose from; many with varying track records of effectiveness. Myriad claims are made but few can support their assertions with solid case studies, as Local Hosted Numbers can and does.

Because we run and operate our own business, develop, test and market our own patented software and products across the globe, we have real-world experience of what works and what doesnít. Our hard-won knowledge and experience covers practically every form of online marketing and online Public Relations.

Thatís why clients choose us to deliver the whole marketing package. Only those successful in their own marketing endeavors should be trusted with yours. Local Hosted Numbers boasts strong expertise in: search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay-per-click, affiliate campaigns, link building, search engine listing services, press releases, blogging, social networking, and more. Feel free to inquire about our consultancy services, which are both affordable and effective.

  • Ever-burgeoning client-base of the company
  • Sharp-edged technological solutions
  • Service-oriented approach since inception
  • Multifarious IT Consultancy
  • Wide range of Expertise

Internet Marketing

After you website is designed, built and posted online, clients often donít want to wait for organic search optimization to take effect (a process which can take months); they want immediate lead generation and sales. Thereís no more ideal solution than Pay Per Click Advertising.

Local Hosted Numbers team has years of experience brainstorming and managing effective PPC campaigns on Google, Yahoo, and other leading search engines. For a nominal fee, we can manage and update all your online marketing efforts at practically any ad spend or budget range. With our tried and tested PPC campaigns, you can drive immediate and highly-qualified traffic to your website. It is so swift, in fact, you will commonly notice increased traffic in less than a day.

  • Defining and Implementing overall PPC strategies
  • Managing PPC accounts on Adwords, YSM and Ad Center
  • Keyword Research
  • Regular Keyword Bidding
  • Intensive Analytics Tracking


Itís not enough to construct a website without the end goal in mind. That end goal might be generating leads for your business, online sales, or simply driving traffic to garner volume page views.

Thatís why Local Hosted Numbers also specializes in all aspects of online marketing; including optimizing you website for the search engines with the most relevant keywords for your business, as well as link building, search engine submissions, blogging, press releases and social networking.

Whatever your search engine optimization and marketing needs, Local Hosted Numbers has the manpower and expertise to put you at the top of search and keep you there.

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • On Page Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Intensive Analytics Tracking

Flash Media Design

When you want something more that static web pages, namely animation to draw your customers in, weíve got the skills to make your website shine. Flash is a powerful tool that brings streaming video and seamless animation to the web. Our flash designers and coders are artists that can fulfill even your most ambitious vision. We can even design an entire online store in Flash, should you so desire. The possibilities are limitless.

  • Complete flash-driven websites
  • Advanced flash scripting
  • Web animations, logos, graphics and banners
  • Online product demos

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